NHWQ State Conference with Ranger Stacey

A few members of the Mackay Northern Beaches NHW have just finished attending the State NHWQ conference which was held in Beenleigh Events Centre.

Jennelle Schembri, Sgt Nigel Dalton,Ranger Stacey Thompson and Ken Rehbein with the Mackay NHW Lock Your signs.

Ranger Stacey from TVs Totally Wild show is the Goodwill Ambassador for NHWQ and she delivered a motivational talk where she described the similarities of animals behaviour to that of a NHWer! Yes, you had to be there, but apparently a NHWer marks their territory just like many animals!

Long standing member of NHW in the Mackay Northern Beaches was awarded the District Volunteer award for Mackay District.

Supt David Tucker and Acting Supt Ben Marcus presented Jenelle Schembri’s well deserved award.

We were entertained by the QPS Pipes and Drums prior to each session.


Sgt Nigel Dalton was honoured with the State NHW Liaison Officer of the Year 2017 for his work with the Mackay Northern Beaches NHW group.


Supt David Tucker and A/C/Supt Ben Marcus presented Sgt Nigel Dalton with his State Liaison Officer of the year award.

The theme of the conference was “Diversity is our Strength” and we were all encouraged to raise the number of NHWers in the State by inviting our friends, neighbours a colleagues to join and make the whole of Queensland a safer place for all. Next year NHWQ will be 30, can’t wait for that celebration! See you there?





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