Telegraph pole project – Slade Point Mackay

The Slade Point NHW group have be busy brightening up telegraph poles in their area with the assistance of funding from Mackay Regional Council,  Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

Some of the volunteers and NHW group who worked hard to achieve great results.

Pleased with their work…and so they should be!

Cr Fran Mann officially unveiled the Telegraph Pole!

Sgt Nigel Dalton (Mackay DCPC) and S/Con Matt Briggs (Slade Point Beat Officer) were on hand checked out the great project.

Some poles had a nautical feel (I wish I had a pair like these!)

Slade Point is a fantastic place to visit. Why not stop off and inspect the art work.

Some might say, What has this got to do with Crime prevention? The answer is in the “science” of crime prevention called “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, (CPTED). If a place is cared for and looks like the community own the the area, there will be less crime. NHWQ is a fine example of a partnerships that QPS likes to get involved in. Partnerships have become a key technique to prevent crime. If you live in the Slade Point area get along to the next NHW  meeting at the Sea Breeze Tavern on the 13th June at 5:30pm. This group is clearly kicking some quality goals.



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