If you are a man and live in Mackay..

If you are a man and live in Mackay, one place you should be at 7am on Saturday 29th April is Bourke Street parl, Blacks Beach where Mackay Northern Beaches NHW and “Shed Happens” are holding another “Shed at the beach”

Breakfast will be served from the NHW BBQ trailer and then a senior detective from Mackay CIB will be interviewed about his life, “the good, the  bad and the ugly”.

This is a time men can relax with their sons or nephews in safe environment to “shed” their issues and achievements and encourage one another.


“Shed Happens” and “NHW” crew and getting the trailer ready today.

If you can drop in please do…bring a chair. You will be on your way home around 9am, great way to start the long weekend.



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