Thief disturbed in Shoal Point

A thief has been disturbed by a resident of O’Brien Esplanade in Shoal Point at 10:35 pm on January 21.

At the time, the thief had entered a parked and unattended car which had been inadvertently left unlocked.  The car was parked on the roadway.  While the car was being searched, a resident observed and disturbed them.

The thief is described as being a male, wearing a black cap with long curly hair.  Upon realizing that they had been seen, the thief has ran away on foot.  Police were promptly called, and despite a dog squad unit attending and conducting a track – the person responsible was not found.

It is not yet confirmed if any thing was stolen.

Police are urging residents in the Mackay Northern Beaches area to ensure that they secure their cars when they are not attended.  Even if only unattended for minutes.

Many of our thieves devote lots of time to searching for unlocked cars …. and then searching and stealing from unlocked cars.

Ensuring our security is “on point” will take you off of their list.

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